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came back right after the riots and there was a people's inquiry set up in detroit and rosa parks was a member of the commission. it was the people's commission. the sit down on the bus woman, she was on this commission and a radical lawyer who we all loved, a young black lawyer who was a radical, was the guy who organized it and after that to me was a parks was not just an icon. she was a person who i saw that had all kinds of activist things that we were all up to all the time. she was spared and she spoke at the south african movement demo. we told her to speak and she spoke eloquently at that and before that was at the convention where she and i were both and gary when all the civil rights people were denouncing us. the convention and gary, she was there. rosa parks was there when jimmy carter had an anniversary of round and i was speaking because i was running education and i made a freudian slip and said something about the president i didn't mean to say and she just died laughing. and please do all the time, correctly used to say to me the reason why you have to go you have
not to care, you know, detroit is bankrupt today. detroit is also bankrupted after decades of socialism. decades of social welfare state. detroit is the future of every american city. when i was a child growing up, american cities were a great treasure. today, an american cities are a wasteland. they are a wasteland because of welfare. they are a wasteland because of broken families. the tragedy that's going on in our into cities and around the country, which will spread to the suburbs where children are not raised correctly, don't have an education of don't see future, you know, where the family is broken from the beginning. these tragedies come someone has to stand up and say, this is the lie that began in the new deal. this is the lie of government dependence. don't be satisfied, as young people, to be told you are not needed. don't be satisfied to be told that somebody in china, or anywhere else, can do your jobs better than you can do them. but fight for this. and if you listen to the lie, even, socialism always comes on to help you. and then in the and it imprisoned you. obama is
with autoworkers about how easy they'd had it finding work. i read a story in the "detroit free press" about a young guy who was pumping gas in flint, and a driver took down his name and number, and a week later he got a call telling him to report for work. gm had a couple nicknames, one was the general, and the other was generous motors because at that point, this was in the early '70s. at that point the workers had a deal where they could work for 30 years and retire on full benefits no matter what age they were, and they had health care for the rest of their lives. that's over, too, which we'll get to later. this was like employment porn. i have one anecdote in the book about one of my high school friends who came home from the army and started getting a hard time from the his dad because he didn't have a job. so my friend larry had to tell his dad kids these days don't have it as easy as you did dad. and larry said i think you have to know if everyone had the same opportunity you did to just walk into a personnel office, fill out a piece of paper, get a job the same day, we'd all be ther
that detroit is in but not that far from it and the way they are looking to get money is by grabbing it from the suburbs and that's what they try to sneak in and that is in the right way to do things openly talking about supporting this issue and having a public debate and then the vote is fine with me. >> i'm from the university of missouri columbia and right now i am working to advocate against and hoping to stop common core. what is the detriment facing the common core? >> first i think it involves a dumbing down. common core advocates say we are actually raising the standards for a certain number of states. that is true that the idea is to find a kind of middle ground that you can pull the lowest performers up to but also effectively lowers the standards for the rest of the country. it sounds crazy when you tell people this. why would anyone want to lower standards and the reason, again i think it is a misplaced idea of equity and fairness that there is some sense that too many people who have a certain amount of money were litany certain place are getting into swap more and how we chang
a group of eight people as a hijacking family five adults and three kids from detroit hijack the plane to algeria. three very young children in the and this was a baby. it is a sad story i talk about in the book but they had to make a choice with they send the children back separate themselves so i talk about kids being along for the ride in the make very bad choices. >> you talk about the paranoia of today and what it was like and then? in beckett was a revelation especially after the epidemic because people assume the hijacker wanted to negotiate so there was the assumption i'll have to go to having an all be put up in the hotel i will have a great story from referencing get a cigar. [laughter] but in 1968 "time" magazine published a guide for its basically if you are nice they will be based in and ask to go to this hotel and there's a good deal on clothing in one thing i found out a lot of times the airlines would serve alcohol during the hijackings in the people would get wasted. [laughter] because in this particular hijacking had access to all fbi debriefings so the person was too
receiving t.a.r.p. money from the federal government of the united states and closing plants in detroit which is now bankrupt so they could open plants in china. gm, cars rolling out say buick. that plant and the joint partnership which the chinese government forces them into is 51% controlled by the shanghai automotive corporation which is controlled by the communist party of china. the only thing gm put in was all of the money and the technology and the know how. the chinese run it and, in the long run, own it. so no change there. i wallet to show you something here -- i want to show you something here. this is an oath mandated just last year for all lawyers in china, i swear to faithfully fulfill the sacred mission of legal workers in socialism with chinese characteristics. i swear my loyalty to the motherland, to the people, to uphold the leadership of the communist party. i would like to find out something, socialism with chinese characteristic, our first speaker this morning talked about national socialism. china is boast nationalistic and socialist. this is a fascist government.
if you heard this but detroit announced bankruptcy today. that is the top story today. so the goal is to have the cities find a way to grab ahold of that suburban tax money and bring it into the city. so the bottom line is that barack obama wants to redistribute the wealth of america's suburbs to the city. to see the radical file community organizers who mentored and trained barack obama all those years ago in chicago they really didn't like the suburbs. in fact their ultimate goal was literally to abolish the suburbs. why were obama's radical organizing mentors so upset about the suburbs? they blamed the suburbs for the problems of the city because when people move out to the suburbs, they take their tax money with them. so obama's radical organizers put on their thinking caps and came up with a strategy for the economic and political independence of america. and as the strategies came, a movement called the regional equity movement, the regional equity movement sometimes is just called regionalism for short. it goes under different names and you might have also heard of the idea
it is highly organized. people often don't know that las vegas is a big union town. like detroit or san francisco. a big union town. hour and have a beautiful4 per benefit package. the new york times called it the rolls-royce of benefit packages. certainly better than mine. it is free to the member. soditions are greatly different. for cocktail waitresses in northern nevada they also make minimum wage, but they get tips. and in smaller casinos you really have to work hard for tips. and cocktail waitressing is also heavy labor. you can imagine carrying naturally, it may weigh 20 or 25 pounds, wearing heels, hiking many miles per night. so a cocktail waitress in he nevada can make, you know, -- we interviewed people who were proud to make 35, $40,000 per year. in las vegas the tips are higher and cocteau waitresses and a good area of the casino can make well over 50, $60,000 per year. the union is interesting. it is a culinary union, which is part of an international unions 60,000 members in los vegas. and that is one of the largest, if not the largest local in the country. unions sometim
of passengers. that was november 1972. went three fugitives from justice to me from detroit and one of the brothers from tennessee hijack a southern airways flight over alabama. their demand was $10 million, which is by far record ransom demand. but they said that they didn't get $10 million they were going to crash the plane into the oak ridge national laboratory which has a nuclear reactor with uranium-235, which, of course, a comic bombs. urgently, what happens, they were circling around knoxville waiting for the money to be gathered by southern airways which had a hard time getting the money. eventually they get $2 million a log the back of $2 million on the plane. $2 million with 150 pounds. so these three minutes need so these three minutes need money so these three minutes need money and they're like it's $10 million, it's got to be. so fortunate it didn't bother to county. if they would realize they've been shorted by $8 million, who knows what would've happened? it end up going into cuba and their imprisoned and things don't end well for them. but after that, shortly afterw
was in detroit and the lady had a ministry to moms. she goes to the muslim house. out of the room comes another pregnant mom. and not of the room comes another pregnant mom, all pregnant by the same guy. and then another guy comes up and says, i am in the neighborhood and thoughtful, the muslim but a whole bunch of houses on the street. he is away from each one, tells them to sign up for welfare and they are all being paid for by the state. so they practice it in her house and then on their street and then a part is in their neighborhood. and then make it a community like dearborn. since they're the ones in charge, they vote muslims into the leadership and began to have their call to prayer. it takes over a puddle by the dole. an example of sharia law. in morocco, the judge ordered a girl to marry her and she committed suicide. these are political militant muslims that want to move into the west and it's important for us to grow up and realize that islam is not just a religion. it's a political military system because mohammed was not just a religious leader. >> okay, any other questions? >> ni
have seen it with one scandal after another whether you are the mayor of detroit going to jail or you are the governor of illinois it goes on and on. the just obliterate the label. but if you are a republican, it leads with republican. the republican larry craig today. and you see that coverage. it is
that las vegas is a big union down. much like detroit or san francisco, big union down. and they start at 13 or $14 an hour. and have a beautiful benefit package. "the new york times" calls it the rolls-royce of the benefit packages. it's free to the member and his or her family. so the conditions are greatly different in the two cities. for cocktail waitresses in northern nevada, they are at minimum wage but they get tips. in smaller casinos you will have to work hard for tips. and cocktail waitress and as also heavy labor. you can imagine carrying that trey 20, 25 pounds come you're wearing heels, you are hiking many miles a night. so i cocktail waitress in northern a beta can make like we interviewed people who were very proud to make 35, $40,000 a year. las vegas, the tips are higher and cocktail waitresses, who have a good shift and a good area of the casino can make well over 50, $60,000 a year. the union, what's interesting, it's a culinary union which is part of unite here which is international union. it has 60,000 members in las vegas, and that's one of the largest, if not th
time in pennsylvania and colorado and ohio and detroit trying to understand what's happening on the ground. i want to tell you about one encounter that stuck with me. people in houston are intimately familiar with the oil and gas industries, but a lot of places where the country is being transformed are not so familiar. and one of those places that i visited while i was writing the book was in southern ohio. i went to talk to people in athens county about fracking. the first potential i met was -- person i met was warren taylor. he owned a creamery. i'd watched him speak a day earlier at the anti-fracking rally in columbus where i picked up that bandanna. and warren told me a story. he said my parents bought woodland property down here in the 1960s. a damaged world war ii vet had moved onto the property and hadn't allowed any logging since. so by the 18960s, unlike most places around here, this was a beautiful woods. taylor had mauved away and then -- moved away and then moved back and bought property next door. and he says to me, that property had won a blue ribbon at the me
ministers of detroit in connecticut it were the supposes murders of harrison and taylor and other alleged their assassination for the new york ledger but added stephen douglass to zaleski had been killed because his position in the party made him one of the against the rebellion. in representative james mitchell of ohio claimed harrison in buchanan were poison for the express purpose to put the vice president's and the presidential office. may, 19 -- mr. paige 60 an extraordinary article accused democratic conspiracy of engineering the malaria outbreak. after commenting zachary taylor fell under the vapors of washington and died because he would act honest and straightforward the tribune writers would claim that washington in subsequent years was free of malaria for democrats but when the new republican party began to gain strength it was possible they could become the ruling power were then the water was suddenly dangerous than the national hotel that dozens of heretics' almost died to death. but under the care for all soldiers during the of break the right to impeach johnson that to wit
to see if there's a baby there, and fortunately there was no baby in the car. and the man was detroited -- decorated by the town in florida for heroism, a insurance company also gave him an award. seven years later, this man, his name is scott prouty was working for a bartender as a catering company in south florida, and he is told along with the others what the catering company that bill clinton had been in the area repeatedly for a fund-raiser and had his picture taken. and this particular event was for romney, and he brought his camera along. i think you know some of the rest of the story. [laughter] i tell in in detail. i try to convey the motivation. in some ways it goes back to the event in the everglades. at one point after many hours of conversation, scott said to me, you know, i learned that night that if you can jump in, you must jump in. he was going do what it took to prevent romney from becoming president. this was all in a class context because what actually really first enraged scott that night was not the 47% which came later in the 48-minute tape, but some very complime
that is highly organized people often don't know that boss vegas is a big uniontown like detroit or san francisco there they may start at 13 or $14 per hour and half a beautiful benefits package called the rolls-royce of benefit packages it is free to the member and for his or her family. so as the conditions are greatly different between the two cities. the cocktail waitresses in northern nevada also make minimum wage but they get tips. in a lot of the casinos you really have to work hard for the tips in the cocktail waitress is also head the labor you can imagine carrying that tray 25 pounds wearing high heels walking many miles per night so a cocktail waitress and northern nevada we interviewed people who were proud to make 35 or $40,000 per year but it's in loss vegas the tips are higher in the cocktail waitresses with a big shift in a big area of the casino could make well over 50 or $60,000 per year. is interesting is the culinary union which is international has 60,000 members in las vegas that is the largest local in the country. but the culinary union really isn't a large part due to the
to these places? why not bring them to places and tell them about detroit and about trayvon martin. tel dan about america. but it's in the future. it's not now. obviously it was a major bulwark triet for this book, they took the private archive and there was a terrific conversation in the archives where his leadership is sitting around in 1991 and january and they are saying they are not going to bomb us. one of the smartest advisers says we are the soviets. so we are falling at. why aren't they going along with it? that is a very interesting insight because actually forget 91. by the 80's the soviet union have actually become less for the popular struggles around the world because it had fallen into a deep crisis. so it was the other set of documents i don't quote enough of them is that your discussions around afghanistan which are available at the national center the archives in washington, d.c.. those are fascinating because there you have the senior leadership. at one point they say they cannot go into afghanistan because their friends would be angry. they recognize it does not exist. but we
them to places and say talk about yemen? why not bring them to places and tell them about detroit, them them about trayvon martin, tell them about america. so that, i think, is how solidarities are produced. but it's in the future, it's not now. i mean, obviously, the ussr was a major bulwark, and, by the way, for this book i read a very interesting -- when americans took baghdad, they took saddam's private archives. saddam used to tape all his conversations. there is a terrific conversation in the saddam archives where his top leadership is sitting around in 1991 in january, and they are saying the americans are just not going to bomb us. one of his smartest advisers said the issue is not the american issue, where are the soviets? soviet union hadn't fallen yet. where is where are the soviets? why are they going to along with that? actually, forget '91. by the '80s the soviet union had actually become less of a bulwark for pop list struggles around the world. soviet union had gone into deep crisis. in fact, the other set of documents i read for this book, i don't quote enough of them,
while receiving money from the government now closing plants in detroit that is now they craft so the cars a buick that plant and the partnership that the chinese forces in into is 51% owned by the shanghai automotive corporation, owned by the communist party of china all the money in the technology in the know how. i went to show you something here mandated just last year for all lawyers in china i will fill the sacred mission of socialism of the characteristics assert my loyalty to the motherland and the people to uphold the leadership of the canoes party of trade in the socialist system. that does not sound like democratic reform to be. but to let me explain something socialism is aware that the for speaker talked about it ty is nationalist and socialist is a fascist government it calls itself communist but essentially are fascists. i could go on about this but this thing here with the trade deficit with china but in a number of different ways we have been doing it 30 years i am a free marketer but you don't do business with criminals and expect to get a good deal. and that bus
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